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If you don’t believe me just Request a Repair or call Eldred on 04 6696 6673

Our FREE to charge ratio so far…

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Some websites can be reapired or fixed incredibly easily, others…

If you are lucky and fall into the first group, of which 35% of our clients are, then we will be delighted to fix your website for FREE.

Less than 15 minutes

$FREEone off
  • If your fix takes less than 15 minutes, we’ll do it for FREE.

More than 15 minutes

$QUOTEone off
  • For any fix or fixes that are likely to take more than 15 minutes we will provide a quotation for you.

Website Repair Cost can vary dramatically dependent on how much work is required. We really can repair for FREE but sometimes we actually have to re-build your entire site.

This sounds drastic, and sometimes it is, however we always provide comprehensive quotations, often with shopping lists of changes and additions from which you can make your choices.