Should You Rebuild Your WordPress Site?

Does your WordPress site seem slow and outdated? If you’re thinking better performance means a complete website overhaul, think twice, advises Tammy Martin.

Why Refacing Your Website May Be Better Than Rebuilding From Scratch

Should you rebuild your wordpress website?If you already have a website that may have been created in WordPress a few years ago but doesn’t match your current business image or style, you can reface your site and retain all of the content and blog articles in the same spot.

One major benefit will be that all of the search engine optimization work you have done stays exactly the same, and you can continue to build on the foundation you’ve already created.

WordPress is like the engine of a car and your site’s visual design  is the body. You can still use the same engine in a different car and get the same performance with updated styling.

As your website is likely to be more established (and hopefully more profitable) than it was, another consideration is your host.

Upgrade Your Hosting

When we first start a business we’re looking for the most dirt cheap site host because if we can get away with paying $5/month for hosting, why wouldn’t we?

Well, just because you can get hosting that cheap, doesn’t mean that it’s your best option. Just like anything else in life or business… you get what you pay for.

I have seen websites drastically improve their traffic by choosing a theme from a better WordPress theme family and speedier website hosting.

Benefits Of Choosing a Better Web Host

Better hosting allows your site to load faster. This provides not only a better visitor experience because they don’t have to sit and wait for images to load, but the optimization is the real benefit.

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