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120 WordPress Themes – Why do web designers worry!

WordPress themes are one of the most common search terms in google at the moment. Much of this is because the wordpress revolution has meant that non-designers can create their own new website with little or no coding ability what so ever.

This is fantastic from the point of view of the website owner if they can get the them to work for them. Of course web designers are not so keen. ( Unless they use them surepticiously themeselves of course!)

Web designers should take a step back though from their concerncs and look at the bigger picture. Not only do these thems give more people access to the internet and more exposure for their businesses or ideas, it also adds a huge number of new people to the list of those that need help and advise relating to all aspects of web design and internet marketing.

For example:

  • Editing of themes to correctly reflect a business profile
  • Addition of SEO modules/plugins
  • Correct setting up of plugins and modules
  • Speeding up of websites with too many bolt ons!
  • Internet marketing, much more than just SEO

If it wasn’t for the increase in the release of some of these excellent wordpress themes how would many of the web developers meet some of the keen amateurs and enthusiasts that want to set up their own websites?

Please enjoy this list of 120 free thems from a number of sources.

1. WooThemes – Swatch




2. WooThemes – Skeptical




3. WooThemes – The Morning After




4. WooThemes – Bueno